Side Bets

Blackjack offers many kinds of side bets, because oftentimes casinos do not have large margins on their blackjack table. Remember that side bets in Blackjack increase the house's profits. I have listed some of the side bets that you may see in casinos:

Over/Under Bet The total of the player's first two cards should be over or under 13. Note that if the total of the player's first two cards is 13 he loses. The casino has an advantage of 6.6 percent for the over wager, and 10 percent for the under bet. This is commonly offered in a six-deck game. If you are a basic-strategy kind of player, then I would suggest that you not play this kind of side bet.

Super 7s This kind of side bet is simple. A total of 7 dealt cards will bring a payoff to the player. If the first card dealt to the player is 7 they will receive a payoff of 3-to-1. If dealt a second consecutive 7 the player will be given a 50 to 1 payoff, and so on... As you can see, the payoff looks high and inviting, but, actually, if you do the math, the casino has an edge of 11 percent. That's quite high and this is not considered a good side bet.

Royal Match The player will get their payoff if their initial two cards are of the same suit - the pay off is 3-to-1. There is a payoff at 10-to-1 if the cards are king and queen of the same suit - this is the "Royal Match". The casino edge for this kind of side bet is down to 4 percent. Even though this is a lower house edge there are still casinos that give decent payoffs with a more tolerable house edge. In conclusion, it's better for you to avoid this kind of side bet, also.

Pair Square The player wins if his initial cards have the same rank. The payoffs changes for different numbers of card decks. Casino edge is at 6 percent - another side bet that a player should not bother too much with.

21+3 This is a combination of the "Three-Card Poker" side bet in "Blackjack". The casino edge for this side bet is only 3 percent.

5-Card 21 If the player gets dealt a 5-card '21' they will win a payoff on a side bet. The house edge is really low at 0.2 percent. You may want to learn the basic strategy for this kind of side bet.

There are still some other side bets that are available in various casinos. Learn the basic rules of side bets. Choose the ones that give you higher odds, for better chances of winnings.