What is blackjack?

Why do we hear the term blackjack being mentioned all the time in casinos and by gambling enthusiasts? If you want to learn more about what the online casinos game is all about, how to play and how to win at , then you’ve come to the right place – or rather, page. When you’ve finished reading this article, we can readily guarantee that there won’t be a thing you wouldn’t know about blackjack.

Blackjack is one of the simplest card games to learn and play, especially when you compare it with other table games in the casino. Other card games such as poker would require you to practice and harness some specific skills. In blackjack, however, the key to winning is simply calculating the odds and then wishing for good luck.

The rules for playing blackjack are very easy and simple to remember. The goal or playing objective is to have your cards reach a total value of Twenty-One. To be able to know whether your blackjack hand has reached that all-important number or not, you first have to be familiar with the counting system of blackjack.

For the counting system of blackjack, there are just two essential things to remember: face cards, such as the king, queen, or the blackjack himself, are all counted as ten, regardless of its suit. Secondly, the ace can be counted as one or – adding ten to it – eleven. Hence, if you pair a blackjack card with an ace, you immediately get Twenty-one!

Now that we’re clear about the counting system of blackjack, it’s time to proceed to the other playing rules. The game of blackjack is a dealer vs. players type of game. Unlike other games, blackjack doesn’t require you to go against your fellow players. With blackjack, it’s always the players who stick together against the dealer.

It’s important to remember this because you might later on be asked by the blackjack dealer if you want to get insurance – that means betting on the dealer just in case your blackjack hand amounts to nothing. You’ll be asked if you want to take insurance if and only when the first card of the dealer turns out to be an ace.

Blackjack experts however advise against taking insurances because that basically means betting against one’s self. If you really want to take insurance though, blackjack experts say that the only time you should do so is when you have a truly ugly blackjack hand like a Four and a Two.