Greece, Germany and Spain Make Developments in Online Gambling

Online Gambling has been the focus of some European nations where strict regulations are being formed to provide licensing and permission to operate in their country.

Greece is keen on creating a state controlled online gambling system to raise funds. The state currently owns approximately a third of OPAP, the largest betting system in the country. According to a recent report, OPAP has proposed that it will pay a total sum of 935 million euros to the government. Out of the total, 375 million euros will go towards extending the agreement on monopolizing the operation of eleven selected games till 2030. 560 million euros will be paid to launch thirty five thousand video lottery machines all over the country.

The national treaty for online gambling in Germany is set to expire at the end of 2011. Most of the states in Germany except two have had their plans rejected by the European Commission. The German Court of Justice has sustained its decision to prohibit private companies from operating online gambling websites in Germany. Private online gambling operators in Germany disagree with the judgment and plan to file a complaint. But responses to these complaints are not expected until the end of this year.

The National Gambling Commission of Spain recently released a list of online gambling operators that were approved and awarded legitimate licensing to operate in Spain. All potential operators will have to undergo testing to determine accuracy in transactions and data transfer before being awarded licensing. This process is likely to complete in the coming four months. The applications are still open to potential gambling operators till November 14.