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Ken Uston was arguably the most famous blackjack player ever. His innovative blackjack team play techniques took millions off the Las Vegas blackjack tables before they were detected by the casinos. Player, Author, Instructor, Jazz Musician, and gambling raconteur, Kenny was a great guy to hang out with. This article contains a few of my remembrances. Brought up in a middle-class New York City household, Ken Uston graduated from Yale with the highest honors. At the age of 31 he was earning ,500 a year plus many fringe benefits as a Senior Vice President of the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange. But he gave it all up and dropped out of the corporate world to play professional blackjack.

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Blackjack is one of the most popular table games. It is as easy to learn as it is exciting to play. With 59 blackjack tables throughout our casinos and Face Down Blackjack located in The Casino of the Sky, you'll be surrounded by the excitement. Handicap-accessible blackjack tables can also be found in both casinos.

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I reviewed this book in my new edition of Casino Gambling published lately. A different book, different objectives, different ending than Blackjack Autumn. But same conclusion – the life of a professional blackjack player is not a pleasant one. Backed by a $20,000 bankroll, Perry spent four months in Vegas playing professional blackjack. He played 231 hours and won $2303, about what you can make at a Burger King flipping hamburgers. Perry blamed his small win on bankroll fluctuations and the fact that he did not play to the “long run.” Perry estimated that 50,000 hands or more are needed to play to the long-run and “in decent games.” I blamed his small win on the fact that he didn’t play in enough single- and double-deck games where card counting can work “in decent games” as long as you don’t get thrown out by pit bosses or “counter catchers.” Which he did, by the way, at least four times.