Jack Evans Summoned for a Fresh Hearing

Jack Evans, Committee on Finance and Revenue's chairman, was summoned for another hearing concerning the interstate gaming in Washington DC. The proceedings will be much complicated as there are two issues regarding the online gaming which are intertwined. The first issue is DC lottery contract and second is the internet gambling legislation. This hearing will be held because three councilors from Washington DC wanted to re-examine both the issues. The hearing will take place in September.

Reports reveal that two former ministers had requested Charles J. Willoughby, Inspector General of Washington DC, to investigate the irregularities in the lottery deal. But Willoughby failed to produce the desired result. Evens said that the councilors are insisting on this hearing because Willoughby could not carry out the investigation well. He stated that the councilors are worried about the integrity of DC lottery contract.

Evens is supported by Muriel Bowser, the chairman of Committee on Government Operations and Environment. Bowser stated that many councilors, including her, were suspicious about the DC lottery deal. She said that the seriousness of the matter abounded when Willoughby failed in the investigation. She further stated that this hearing is scheduled to ensure that people do not lose trust in the ability of lawmakers to enforce rules and regulations.

The Washington Times had reveled that there were irregularities with the lottery contract, as Intralot, a Greek firm was given the lottery contract. It had tied up with a local business man who never participated in the bidding process, but owns 51% of the share.