New Launches by Top Game

Top Game is one of the most reputed software providers in the online casino industry. It recently added to new games to its portfolio. These are Weed Whacker and Casino War. The former is a scratch card game while the later is a casino game. Both are simple yet entertaining games.

Weed Whacker features a garden consisting of long grasses. There are wagering options between $0.05 and $10.0. Players can choose any amount in this range. Next, players can directly start with the game by clicking on New Card. There are multipliers hiding beneath the long grasses in the garden. Players have to find them using mouse. These multipliers have values between 1x and 80x.  On revealing a multiplier, a tick sign appears on the score card. If a player is able to find minimum three multipliers, he receives a payout worth that multiplier*bet amount.  In case the player doesn’t succeed in revealing the multipliers, he looses the wager.

The other Top Game designed game is, Casino War. A sophisticated table is portrayed on the screen for this game. A Rule Button can be found on your screen’s top.  The game-play can be easily grasped by glancing through the Rules Section. Once a player places anti-wager, the game starts off. Sometimes an optional bet is also placed. The minimum table limit for this game is $1 while the maximum is $100. If the card dealt by a player is higher than what the dealer holds, then the player receives even money. With both cards having the same value, the game proceeds to the second stage. A player is eligible to surrender once he gets back half the amount of his anti-wager.