Spooktacular Slots Tournament at Omni Casino

From October 15 to October 31 players at Omni Casino will enjoy the $13,000 Halloween Spooktacular Slots Tournament. The preliminary round ends on October 14, therefore players must meet wagering requirements.

The tournament offers a $13,000 prize pool, divided into three leader boards with different bet ranges. Every bet of at least $0.45 made on any of the 15 to 40 paylines slot games from Playtech, will award players one tournament spin point. Spin points decide the player’s position on the leader board. The higher the position is, the bigger the chance to win cash prizes.  This tournament also offers the $125 and $350 “Spooktacular” Prize Booster. Players who make 75,000 real money spins will get $125 added to the prize and those who make 125,000, will get $350 added to their prize.

On October 15 there is the Spooky Tournament Kick Off Bonus. Players will receive a 150% bonus up to $45 for first deposits between $10 and $30, 125% bonus up to $100 for first deposits between $31 and $80, and 100% bonus up to $150 for first deposits over $81.

On October 17 players will get a $25 bonus on each of their first two deposits over $40 with the Spookey Money Tree Bonus.

The Spooktacular Choice Bonus offers players the possibility to choose from two bonuses on their first deposit made on October 20. Players who deposit between $30 and $100 will get a 135% bonus up to $75, and those with deposits over $101 will get a 100% bonus up to $125.

The Halloween Trivia question about the E.T. movie from 1982, offers players a 10% bonus that has 10 times slot wagering with $300 maximum winnings.