Online Gambling News of UK and US

Recently UK and US are on news related to online gambling. UK plans to modify the gambling laws by bringing offshore operators within the tax structure. In the United States also, the representative bodies are making efforts to bring in a regulated regime pertaining to online gambling.

The CEO of William Hill Casino made critical remarks about the decision of UK to reform its gambling laws. The changes that are going to take place are related to the tax structure and licensing of online gambling in the country. Topping, the chief executive of William Hill told in an interview to a Gibraltar based newspaper that, its unfair on the part of the British government to impose taxed on the offshore companies operating in the UK market. About 2 years ago, William Hill had shifted its base to Gibraltar. This was done as the high tax structure of Britain, was making William Hill uncompetitive in the market. After William Hill’s move to Gibraltar, the place became a hub of online gambling. As said by the CEO, William Hill has no plans to relocate to Britain.

In the US, Washington DC’s bid to legalize gambling will is still pending. The reports of Associated Press News Agency suggest that the bid will be delayed further. In the previous hearing, the council suggested that public was not consulted properly regarding the decision of legalizing online gambling. The DC lottery was instructed by the council, to hold public discussions regarding the issue.  As per the instructions, Buddy Roogow, the chief of DC lottery planned to conduct a host of public meetings. But it seems that DC residents are not keen on attending these meetings in Summer. So, the process will be delayed further.