Remarkable Growth Recorded for Mobile Gambling

Gambling reports of 2010, reveal that there is a remarkable growth in the mobile gambling market. The growth recorded is beyond expectations. Online gambling operators expressed their happiness with this development. Players owning Blackberry, iPhone and Android can now access casino games frequently through their mobiles.

A growth of 21% is recorded for online gambling in the first part of 2010. The figure does not hold good for the mobile gambling sector but only internet gambling. For mobile gambling, the growth level is even more. It is recorded to be 797% for sportsbook. The overall growth is by almost 650%.

Some of the popular online gambling brands have also drawn good traffic, as the report suggests.  A prominent online gambling site recorded a rise of its membership by 150%. This figure mainly pertains to mobile membership. Overall, there is a 200% rise in revenue of the same firm. It recorded a growth of over 6.5 million.