Shuffle Tracking for Blackjack Novices

So let me ask you – what do you want first, the good news or the bad news?

Let’s be optimistic and start with the good news: shuffle tracking, ladies and gentlemen, is an effective strategy in blackjack.

And the bad news: its effectiveness is relative and it can take a player a long time before he can acquire expert skills in shuffle tracking.

BUT – so don’t start weeping yet – we can give you several tips and warnings about shuffle tracking to help you improve and perfect your shuffle tracking skills more quickly.

Are you ready to learn then? Then let’s start by defining the concept of shuffle tracking. By the name itself, you already know that you need to track the cards in some way or another while it gets shuffled, right? But for a more complete definition, shuffle tracking is a strategy in blackjack where a player is able to pinpoint (with a reasonable amount of confidence) which portion or section of a deck is rich in aces, 10’s and face cards.

Shuffle tracking is more or less dependent on the theory that cards tend to cluster or group themselves together in certain parts of the deck and while they’re getting shuffled.

Warning #1 – Do not expect to enjoy profitable wins by using shuffle tracking when playing blackjack online. I’m sorry to say that it’s simply impossible for shuffle tracking to work in online blackjack games. Why?

These are computers you’re dealing with, remember?! So they’re programmed not to make mistakes. When computer dealers shuffle the cards then, they’re shuffling it completely and as many times it would take to ensure that cards are absolutely randomly arranged. And make no mistake: these computer dealers are able to do so in a mere matter of seconds.

Tip #1– Shuffle tracking can be highly effective in games played in live casinos. So cheer up, be patient and continue practicing!

Tip #2 – Several authors have stated that a deck must be shuffled at least 20-30x to ensure random arrangement. Since a human dealer obviously has no time (maybe not even the inclination) to do so, you know right away that’s a positive indication for shuffle trackers.

Warning #2 – There are several systems that people use when shuffle tracking. Even the most common system, however, can be extremely difficult to master so do prepare yourself for a long period of practice.

If you’re worried about losing patience when practicing shuffle tracking, repeat after me: I will win more when I know how to shuffle track. Repeat this to yourself often so that you won’t lose hope!